Food Trucks at Weddings

Those of us in the food truck industry are finding that, with COVID regulations, we are an important asset in allowing brides & grooms to serve guests safely.

There are many things to consider when choosing a food truck for your event. I tripped over this article today, and it brought up some important points. One I found concerning is the issue of whether or not your food truck is insured. In Maine, we must be insured for at least $1M in order to be licensed with the state. I always recommend people request a Certificate of Insurance when hiring a vendor to work your event.

It’s important to note that a food truck at a wedding is not going to set up and break down tables and do many other things a full service caterer might do. The price per person will be MUCH more manageable with a food truck or even multiple food trucks, so you can gauge your needs and desires with your budget when making decisions.

Find a food truck you can really trust. As a former event planner, I always look at things through both my lens as a caterer and also the lens of the person holding the event.

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