What is THE Best Hot Dog?

It’s a debate that will probably never cease. Last April, we were plotting and scheming our own little hot dog business, and we had to eat a lot of hot dogs before we found the one we decided was the best tasting dog. It’s also gluten free and all beef, so those were bonuses for us.

Some people just love those red snappers, and others need a mixture of pork and beef. Some like a mild flavor, and others like a little kick. Don’t get us started on the natural casing debate.

According to the NYTimes, Wellshire Farms and Hebrew National are the two best tasting dogs.

Delish agreed with thousands of die-hard NYC hot dog eaters, and chose Sabrett as the top dog.

ThrillList and Epicurious agreed with us, and chose Nathan’s Famous as the best tasting dog out there.

The one thing we can all agree on is this: every day is a little bit tastier with your favorite hot dog (especially one from a food truck!)

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